Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey its a weekend and the whole week was a little tough though. I have been practically racing against time with office work and with the staff group that's going to give an acoustic set presentation on the first. I think we are pulling this thing through but we really need to focus on it a little more. Two more days before we hit the stage with our acoustic set and hopefully it works out well. I almost completely forgot my talk with a group of students today. Luckily they called up and reminded me today with a merely 1 hour before the talk. It was an impromptu talk but it went out well since I have already handled a few sessions and talk on desktop publishing and publications as a whole.

I was even requested to give my views on their proposed website project that they were planning. Whew, I am glad it went quite alright considering that I forgot the whole thing. Maybe my practice skeds with the staff band made the event slip my mind. Last night, I was able to get a glimpse of the planet Mars. Finally the sky cleared up last night after a few nights of rain and clouds. It was a fantastic sight. I dont know if there were martians looking at me at the same time while I was looking at them ... hahahaha. But my idea of having an eco-friendly house is coming together. Clean Air Trust have been giving me a lot of information on how to go abouts in achieving this. I have been collaborating with several business who have given me advice and are providing supplies to ensure my house is completely run by sustainable energy, recycled water and so forth.